Rebound Electronics and IHS Markit Strategic Partnership

The pace of change in the electronics industry continues unabated for all customer types – OEM, ODM and EMS. This is driven by all component manufacturer types – including semiconductor, passive, connector and electromechanical – dynamically changing pricing, lead time, life cycle management and more.

As a “mixed market supplier”, Rebound Electronics’ strategy is to put our customers front and centre.

We have listened carefully to our customers and heard that their resources are ever more time pressured when it comes to finding component solutions in the areas of design, supply chain, shortages, BOM management and price effectiveness/PPV. To further enhance our data set and analysis tools, Rebound Electronics have signed a world-wide strategic partnership with IHS Markit.

IHS Markit is the leading source of information and insight into the electronics component data that shapes today’s business landscape. Customers around the world rely on IHS Markit to address obsolesce and regulatory challenges. It brings together the deepest intelligence across the widest set of capital-intensive industries and markets. IHS Markit is a dynamic team that includes more than 50,000 clients in over 140 countries and 80% of Fortune Global 500 companies.

This exciting new strategic partnership between Rebound Electronics and IHS Markit will enable us to accelerate the enhancement of our proprietary IT platform and therefore even better address the needs expressed by our customers, as we continue to grow our market share in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Bob Braasch, VP of Engineering & Product Design Solutions at IHS Markit, “We are very excited by this new partnership with Rebound and how our information can empower Rebound’s clients to better serve the market.”

Grant Fairbairn, Managing Director, Rebound Asia commented, “This venture with IHS Markit is another step in Rebounds digital strategy. It improves and streamlines our business process whilst ensuring access to real time, verified data our clients need in critical areas such as product life cycle support, Bom analysis & alternatives “

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