Rebound Electronics Asia Expands Coverage

We are thrilled to announce that Rebound Electronics Asia is increasing its market coverage in Asia, with the opening of several new offices and the setting up of a customer service and telesales centre.

Rebound Electronics Asia has long had established offices in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines. However, with this new investment, we will add further new offices and customer facing resources in China (multiple locations), Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and Japan.

We are also building a Customer Service & Telesales Centre of Excellence in Manila to support the teams across Asia as well as upgrading our Asia Regional Distribution Centre in Hong Kong. Also in Hong Kong, we will be opening a new in-house testing lab. These additional investments in Asia will enhance our services to our customers.

The news of our expansion has also been featured in Evertiq – you can read it here.

How has COVID-19 impacted the Asian electronics market?

We are proud to make this expansion in the Asia market even during the current COVID-19 pandemic, so that we can continue to support our customers in this region.

COVID-19 originated in China and has had a big impact on electronic supply chains in Asia and across the globe. There are still big challenges to be faced but we are confident that our strong presence in the Asian market will allow us to help customers with these challenges. As things slowly return to normal, we are pleased to be offering a strong Asian presence for our customer base.

In some ways Asia and Europe are similar in that they are both multi-country, multilingual, multi-cultural and our European heritage and experience serves us well to address this. Our philosophy at Rebound is to ’be local while leveraging our global infrastructure for the benefit of customers’.

The COVID-19 virus is desperately sad with tragic loss of life and its effect on everyday life for billions of people, however the dynamism and entrepreneurial character of Asia will ensure that it bounces back. With this expansion, Rebound will be even better positioned to support its customers.

If you have any questions at all about the expansion of Rebound Electronics Asia, you are welcome to get in touch.

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