Rebound announces the acquisition of Mission 4 on the 9th February, 2024

The Rebound Group continues to expand its footprint globally with the acquisition of Mission 4 Pty Limited, in Brisbane, Queensland, as part of the Group’s strategy of ‘global reach with local service’. 

Founders Ruth Plunkett & Tracy Crees established Mission 4 over 20 years ago and successfully service the Australian and New Zealand markets. They believe that by joining the Rebound Group now, Mission 4 will further enhance its service offering to its existing customers, whilst also bringing new customers to the quality and service for which Rebound is renowned.

The Australian and New Zealand customers which currently Rebound services from Singapore will be better served by a local presence, and we could not be happier with the team that have now joined us to drive this next phase of developing Rebound’s business.

Both Mission 4 and Rebound have long focused on quality of product coupled with quality of service, and this makes it a natural fit for Mission 4 to join the Rebound Group.

Rebound’s global footprint and its breadth of expert sourcing of quality product will further enhance Mission 4’s capabilities, bringing benefit to its customers, and we look forward to working together.

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