Exhibition Spotlight: EPTECH Canada

Rebound Canada are exhibiting at all 6 EPTECH shows. These are the only series of coast-to-coast national electronics shows in Canada, covering high-technology areas nationwide.

Like many in the industry our team in Canada have seen a shift in the market over the last couple of months. Sales Manager Christian Spooner advises that supply problems still exist and clients continue require assistance with shortages. There is a new drive on other services that Rebound offer such as PPV Cost Saving and our Nuvonix by Rebound franchise line card. In recent months our growing team have been working to increase client interaction and exhibiting at EPTECH trade shows across the country provide a great opportunity to discuss face-to-face clients’ needs and explore how best we can support them with their supply chain management.

With three shows in Winnipeg, Toronto and Vancouver completed, Rebound Canada will be present today the 6th of September in Montreal, followed by Calgary on the 26th of September and Mississauga on the 16th  of October. For our team this is a great opportunity to interact with existing and prospective clients.

Christian Spooner, Sales Manager Canada, comments on the EPTECH shows. ‘The shows are a must-attend if you are involved in the electronics industry within Canada. There is nothing better than getting out in front of clients and it is an excellent and important way to do so. I’m expecting the remaining shows to be busy, especially Montreal given it’s position as a world leading technology and electronics hub’.

To find out more about the EPTECH trade shows and how you can meet our team, visit https://www.eptech.ca

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