Meet our new UK Managing Director

Bringing 15+ years of experience in the industry to Rebound Electronics, Raj has been a huge asset to the company. He has continuously strived to develop the business and drive its ability to provide our customers with alternative means of supply, which has ultimately led to his recent promotion to UK Managing Director.

Since joining Rebound Electronics in 2017 as Business Development Manager, Raj has focused on expanding operations in different territories, most specifically our Nordic and Baltic regions as well as the Americas. Alongside this, he works closely with our teams in the UK, encouraging and supporting them to grow and assist their customer base.

Over the last three years, Raj and the team under his management have seen the electronics industry supply chain enter a whole new level of complexity and challenge. “Maximising what has been a completely different opportunity for our business in this industry is a huge achievement from my perspective.” He has been able to lead his team into success in a turbulent market, supporting their customers and finding solutions to their supply chain issues.

His key objective in his new role as Managing Director is to continue to bring all aspects of the business together and build a common vision in terms of what we are working towards. He aims to keep developing the staff at Rebound, to ensure we can maintain our performance and ultimately support our customers to the best of our ability.

When asked what 2023 has in store, Raj comments that the year ahead will be an interesting one. “It’s going to be slightly different than the last three years, but supply chain will remain complex, customers and businesses will remain dynamic. We will continue to do lots of things around increasing our identity, branding and most importantly remaining relevant and reliable for our customers.”

We look forward to seeing how Raj will further enhance the growth of Rebound Electronics and congratulate him on his new position.

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