Nuvonix by Rebound – Creating Smarter Solutions

Nuvonix is the franchised distribution division within the Rebound group of companies working to help customers build more resilient and lower cost supply chains. Offering second source alternative and emerging brands and manufacturers to aid customers in de-risking bill of materials, lead-time reduction, and procurement material cost reduction.

Over the last three years, it is no surprise that clients have become frustrated by the complexity and restriction they were increasingly facing when trying to improve and reduce costs in their supply chain. The complexity in supply chain and logistics issues that have emerged post covid have affected most industries and have left clients needing more flexibility to remain competitive and avoid having to invest in product redesign.

By partnering with alternative manufacturers, Nuvonix by Rebound are disrupting the electronic components industry and traditional supply chain model by offering second source materials with a potentially lower material cost. Primarily located in Taiwan, Korea and China, the manufacturers Nuvonix are partnered with are domestically very strong. These are manufacturers that have a good footprint in their local domestic market that have not yet pursued global presence, offering high quality products that are typically fit, form and function equivalent to the Tier 1 manufacturers.

Our alternative manufacturers are interesting for a broad range of clients and commodities. Offering a wide range of product groups from passive, electromechanical components to discrete and IC products. The broad product mix and solutions that Nuvonix have are focused on clients in all applications and all geographies, for low volume clients through to high volume. Simon Hawkins (General Manager, Rebound Asia) who has played a key role in developing the division, comments on what Nuvonix can bring to our clients. ‘Whether that’s localisation, second source, reduced cost, shortened lead times, simplification, through better customer service and local client support. Ultimately the biggest thing we bring to our clients is increased flexibility’.

Nuvonix is striving to continue to work with our clients to help them throughout product lifecycle, design, mass production and even through end of life. The objective is to continue to grow product capability and line card to be able to offer more good quality products and ultimately more solutions.

To find out more about Nuvonix, our franchise partners and what we can offer head to or email

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