Rebound 20/20

Rebound Electronics was founded by Simon Thake in the UK in 2003. With a decade in the Electronic Component Distribution Industry, he had a vision based on what he saw was a gap in the market. Franchised Distributors that dominated the market were hugely influenced by their semiconductor suppliers. Consequently they “only had one eye on the Customer”.

Simon’s vision was to build a Business that was 100% Customer focussed.

In short a “100% Customer Centric Supply Chain Partner. Leveraging Global Sourcing for the benefit of Customers Locally, while empowering employees enabling greater agility, speed & customer service”

That vision has proven to be enormously successful as demonstrated by the phenomenal growth in terms of revenues, trading customers, geographic coverage. Privately Owned & Organically driven Rebound Electronics in 2022 stats were impressive servicing over 4500 customers in 22 Countries across Europe, Asia, Americas, supported by 38 Local Offices, via 393 Employees.

Integral to Simons strategy has been to develop the next generation of Leadership to continue the Rebound success story through the next 20 years.

Grant Fairbairn & Stef Mason deeply understand the company’s heritage and strategy having been with Rebound Electronics 19 & 20 years respectively.

Both have been instrumental in the company’s global success story.

Under Simons guidance both have taken on ever more responsibility. Revenues, Geography, Functionality and Complexity.

Grant being the architect for Geographic Sales Expansion setting up Rebound Asia, HQ in Singapore & Rebound Japan. While in parallel expanding Global Sourcing. This involved 5 years based in Singapore & 8 years based in The Middle East.  His focus now is taking Europe to the next level & expanding Rebound Americas.

Stef has driven the upgrade of Rebounds Global Infrastructure, Information and Services. The rapid advances in computing and specifically Artificial Intelligence are integral to Rebounds Strategy to enable Customers to build bespoke Information Insights into their supply chain.

Stef’s Rebound career has involved living in USA, extensive time in Italy as well as of course HQ in the UK.

Grant & Stef lead a very seasoned globally based leadership team, that like themselves have great longevity & experience within the company & have each been key contributors to the Rebound Success Story.

Stef commented:

“What Rebound has achieved over the last 20 years is nothing short of phenomenal. We could never have forecast all the opportunities & challenges that the world & specifically the electronics industry has provided us. The next 20 will also present both opportunities & challenges & we are confident & excited that we can capitalize on this by being agile, flexible, creative & responsive while listening to our Customers & our Employees”.

Grant added:

“Rebound 20/20 means building & enhancing with skill, pace & purpose on the strong foundations of the first 20 years. This will incorporate new information technologies, new services, new business models all to provide our customers with real time information, Products & Services that add differentiation and advantage to their business. What won’t change is our “100% Customer Centric Focussed Strategy” alongside “Empowering our Employees” to make decisions that benefit our customers”.

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