Rebound Electronics Expands Asia Footprint

Rebound has continued to expand its capabilities & resources across Asia throughout the pandemic. This latest investment is opening a new office in Taipei, Taiwan, on the 1st of November 2021.

Taiwan is a very attractive market, having a unique combination of factors contributing to it being one of the world’s most strategic markets.

Due to: scale/market size, the population’s extremely advanced utilisation of information technology, design & manufacturing base for many blue-chip global brands, many strong domestic companies, both OEM & EMS and home to the world’s largest fabrication companies.

Given the strategic importance of Taiwan, Rebound has not simply set up a trading office but invested further by forming a Taiwanese entity.

Stacy Liao, Sales Director, based in Taipei, is heading up the Taiwan operation. She brings a wealth of industry experience & has been with Rebound for two years. Over that time, she has gained a deep understanding of our capabilities.

Stacy added, “I understand the Taiwanese market, Rebound, and the industry”. “I have approved job requisitions to hire for several roles in both Sales & Purchasing. This gives clients & the team a clear message on the long-term commitment by Rebound to Taiwan.”

The Taiwan operation will leverage both the Rebound Asia & Global Infrastructure & Resources there-by enabling clients to benefit from a global supply base & world-class capabilities combined with a local presence. The optimum “Think global / act local combination“.

Grant Fairbairn MD Rebound Asia added: “We are still in the eye of the longest and deepest component supply shortage in the history of the industry. Customers are re-evaluating their supply chains, supply base, and logistic solutions to both keep production going today & in the future. Rebound Asia’s accelerated growth strategy is benefiting from both scenarios. We are and always will be 100% customer focused“.

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