Reverse Logistics – 1 Year Review

With a team based in several locations across the globe, Reverse Logistics can provide you with a bespoke solution to your excess stock inventory.

Reverse Logistics Director, Ross Purton, who has worked within Rebound for over 11 years was appointed the role in March 2022 and has been working to develop this division of Rebound, growing the team and ultimately driving the best service for our clients.

The Past Year

The past year has seen Reverse Logistics grow from a three person, Europe centric team to a team of eight people, with an almost unique global reach. We now have a strong infrastructure in place within the staff, with dedicated roles which ensure we are covering all bases when it comes to the service we offer. We now have dedicated staff members in Dubai covering data and analytics, expediting and internal marketing to our sales department, another in Germany responsible for external availability and staff in the UK dedicated to any in stock requirements.

With this growth in mind, Reverse Logistics are now more so than ever, in a position where we are able to offer clients a bespoke solution and develop a successful partnership and clear line of communication when it comes to marketing and selling their excess stock.

Why Rebound?

Ultimately, Reverse Logistics main focus over the last year has been to listen to clients about what they want and need from us. We are service driven and have the ability to be flexible and offer a bespoke solution to suit each client’s needs, whether that be through a consignment partnership or a solution that works better for you. Communication is at the heart of all our Reverse Logistics partnerships, we strive to have regular meetings with all our clients, providing them with updates regarding their stock.

Our almost unique reach within the marketplace means that we have access to some territories and markets that others are unable to penetrate. Alongside this, rather than solely marketing on various online forums, we have access to plug into all the different enquiries we have within our own sales forces here at Rebound Electronics, once again on a global scale.

Future for Reverse Logistics

Moving forward in 2023, Reverse Logistics are continuing to develop the team and its capabilities, with the hopes of expanding to additional territories to enable us to offer our clients the best possible service when dealing with their excess inventory.

For any queries regarding Reverse Logistics and your excess stock please contact

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