Employee Spotlight: Onomen Ojesebholo

Onomen Ojesebholo, Field Application Engineer for Nuvonix by Rebound discusses his experience in within the electronics industry and how to mitigate risk by choosing franchise.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your time at Nuvonix by Rebound. 

I am an Electronic Engineer and work as a Field Application Engineer for Nuvonix by Rebound. My previous experience within the industry stems from both studying, working as well as industry research, I like to keep on top of technology trends.

I have an integrated master’s in electronic engineering from UCLAN in Preston with a focus on Power Electronics. I have since worked as an FAE within design and manufacturing and distribution.

What about Nuvonix drew you to the role? 

I’ve got a passion for electronics, applications and technology hence the role was very attractive to me.

The manufacturers that Nuvonix is partnered with were unrecognisable to me at first. However, the quality of the technology I saw from the brands, most specifically Novosense, 3Peak, Taejin, XinerSemi, Yangjie, Amazing, Daco and Alpha Power Solutions, really got me to have a 2nd & 3rd look after I was originally approached for the position. I love a challenge, so I agreed to discuss the role further.

In your experience, what are the main client benefits of Nuvonix? 

Efficiency is always on my mind, so getting customers to market faster by reducing their design time is a main focus. Nuvonix’s franchised manufacturers shorter lead times are a huge benefit in today’s market.

Together with shorter lead times, the quality and standard of the technology that these manufacturers are producing is at the top of the market. They are investing heavily into research and development, often producing newer and more advanced technology.

What are the main issues clients are facing in their supply chains, and why are they choosing Nuvonix as their partner? 

As we are all aware, clients are facing a multitude of issues in their supply chains, varying from price increases, long lead times, hard-to-find components and obsolescence.

Nuvonix by Rebound offers clients and customers shorter lead times and cost-effective alternatives to Tier 1 brands and other big names in the industry. The benefit of consulting with a FAE during your procurement process, is that I can offer expert consultation on design and engineering projects and applications. Providing solutions or second source options for your supply chain.

Where do you see Nuvonix by Rebound in the future‌? ‌ ‌

It’s my belief that within the next 5 years, the name Nuvonix by Rebound will become synonymous with the big franchises out there, design engineers will gravitate to it, supply chain managers and sourcing managers would turn to Nuvonix as a first, second or third option.

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