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The Source – Top 5 News 13th October 2023

The Source is our latest offering to support our clients and visitors. You can read our Top 5 news for week commencing 25th of September 2023 below.

  1. Kaynes Technology to Invest Rs 2,800 Crore in Semiconductor Plant in Telangana, Partnering with Foxconn’s Upcoming Facility

Kaynes Technology India Ltd. has signed an MoU with the Telangana government to establish a Rs 2,800-crore semiconductor plant in Kongara Kalan, adjoining Foxconn’s electronics manufacturing facility, with expectations of creating over 2,000 jobs and boosting India’s domestic semiconductor production.

2. Global Coalition on Telecommunications Formed by US and Allies to Advance Industry Innovation and Policy Consensus

The United States, along with Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom, has established the Global Coalition on Telecommunications (GCOT) with objectives including enhancing international cooperation, diversifying the telecom supply chain, promoting open network architectures, and fostering consensus on critical telecom policy areas, representing extensive international collaboration in the field.

3. Apple Implements Chinese App Store Rules Amid Tighter Scrutiny, Sparking Developer Concerns

Apple has started requiring new apps in its China App Store to submit a Chinese government license, known as the “internet content provider (ICP) filing,” in compliance with China’s tightening regulations on mobile applications, raising concerns among developers about potential further rule tightening by the tech giant.

4. Beijing Expresses Discontent Over EU Probe Into Chinese EV Subsidies

China’s commerce ministry has expressed dissatisfaction with the European Union’s investigation into Chinese electric vehicle subsidies, citing a lack of evidence and non-conformity with World Trade Organization rules, as the EU formally launches an inquiry to potentially impose tariffs on Chinese EV imports benefiting from state subsidies.

5. Taiwan Considers Stricter Regulations on Key Tech, Investigates Firms Over Huawei Links

Taiwan is exploring the implementation of stricter rules on crucial technologies like computer chips, while also investigating four companies accused of conducting business with Huawei-linked firms in China, potentially imposing fines of up to T$25 million ($775,300) if their activities do not align with initial government approvals.

6. US to Tighten Export Rules on Chipmaking Equipment for China

The United States is preparing to update and tighten regulations that restrict the export of US chipmaking equipment to China, aiming to close loopholes and add further restrictions in response to concerns raised by Beijing and strained relations with Washington.

The Source Top 5 News

Written by Jenny Ortilla, Rebound Electronics // 13/10/20223

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