Why choose Nuvonix?

We now have the ability to offer alternatives to Western brands and have audited and formed partnerships based on the quality of the product, service and price competitiveness.

Nuvonix by Rebound drives to disrupt the electronic components industry by providing an alternative to the traditional supply chain model. Offering Design-led solutions with dedicated electronics and engineering support from globally emerging brands to fit your PCB semiconductor supply chain needs.

What are the Nuvonix benefits to clients?

– A quality alternative to established/western brands
– Availability during times of shortage and/or increased lead times
– Reduced lead time = increased service/better capital utilisation
– PPV opportunities when brands increase prices, or via competition
– Life cycle management alternative, particularly EOL
– Solution for potential geopolitical trade issues

Why choose franchise?

Disrupting the Norm

De-risking Supply Chains

Creating Smarter Solutions

Industry-leading certification

We hold several certificates that endorse our quality management systems

We have particular pride in our achievement of the SC21 Silver Award which is for 21st Century Supply Chain Excellence in the Aerospace and Defence Industry. Held by just 30 companies within all supply chain sectors, it is rare within the electronics distribution market and is proof of our industry-leading quality control.

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