With offices and suppliers located throughout the world, we can source and manage the supply of the electronic components you need. We are wherever our customers need us to be to keep their supply chain moving.

Local offices around the world

Rebound Electronics has 37 offices in 17 countries, providing the same high quality, personal service from a single point of contact to each of our customers. Responsive, real time support in the local language is what our customers want and what we deliver, wherever they are based.

Central purchasing hub

Majority of our orders are centralised though our purchasing hub in Dubai, allowing us to bridge the time zones between Europe, Asia and America. Combining this central time zone with extended shifts, we can source electronic components for our customers around the clock, offering them fast turnaround and great prices.

Global suppliers

Each of our suppliers is carefully vetted, monitored and managed by our quality control team, and Rebound’s international presence ensures that a supplier’s location does not restrict their selection. Our global reach ensures that we are able to locate hard-to-find components and achieve the best prices for our customers, without geographical barriers or restrictions.

Enhanced Inspection

Regardless of its country of origin, all of our products are subject to the same meticulous enhanced inspection procedures underpinned with industry-standard certification. Our enhanced inspection facilities in Europe and Asia enable us to carry out conveniently sited enhanced inspection to match source and delivery locations.

Global customers

Our international offices and services exist to offer convenience and flexibility to our customers. We work with CEMs and OEMs located around the world and with hugely variable requirements; some manufacture in one country while others operate internationally. Our offer of local offices with a single point of contact backed up by global sourcing, testing and warehousing means that we can offer you whatever you need, when you need it.


We offer managed warehousing in Europe and Hong Kong for clients who need us to buffer components and ship to their requirements. All parts are inspected prior to storage and are ready for dispatch against a schedule or when called upon to keep your supply chain moving.




As an independent electronic components distributor, we work with our huge network of suppliers to help our customers manage the market conditions, continue to meet their commitments and grow their businesses. As a privately-owned company, we offer swift decision-making, flexible solutions and proactive service that ensure we are trusted partners to our customers.


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