Why does component obsolescence happen?

An electronic component becomes obsolete when it is no longer available from the original manufacturer to the original specification. It can cause major headaches because electronics are often designed to use that specific component.

The rate of component obsolescence keeps pace with the pace of technological advancement. Key components can quickly become obsolete – they are announced as being at the ‘end-of-life’ (EOL), meaning that they will no longer be produced to that specification.

Obsolescence management must become a key part of supply chain management for clients, to ensure that they are not caught out by a sudden EOL announcement.

How Best to Combat Obsolescence?

Here at Rebound we have invested heavily in a deep spread of supply worldwide to support our clients with new sources and availability without compromising our quality.

In 2019 we created a new Asia focussed authorised line card focusing specifically on lesser-known Chinese and Taiwanese brands. Our line card offers a broad technology mix covering a wide range of applications. It is designed to offer our clients more cost-effective alternatives to Tier 1 brands which are now under lead time pressure as well as offering a viable alternative on our customers with the advent of aggressive obsolescence from major Manufacturers.

Obsolescence Strategy

By researching the cause, understanding the impact, and constructing reliable solutions clients can minimise the impact of component obsolescence. Partnering with the right data driven hybrid distributor in support of this is key.

Component Roadmap/ BOM Analysis

Centralised Data Management

Leverage Goods Demand Forecasting

Align With a Trusted Partner

Rebound’s obsolescence strategy


Global Purchasing Offices


direct manufacturer relationships


Accounts with franchised distributors & agents


dedicated purchasing professionals


“BOM Scrub” Component Roadmap Data Analysts


Qualified Reverse Engineering Specialists


Employees Worldwide




Sq. ft Asia distribution hub and enhanced inspection facility

The Group

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Local Enhanced Inspection

To ensure we meet the standards you and the industry, expects, State of the art In-house inspection equipment, consisting of; Creative Electron Prime X-Ray System, Abi Sentry Counterfeit IC Detector, Keyence VHX-5000 Series microscope & a baking oven.

QA & Certification

Maintaining the integrity of the supply chain is paramount to us. We back this up with industry-leading quality control and…


Meticulously selected suppliers, demanding quality control and industry certifications ensure you can buy from Rebound with confidence.


We are constantly working to build up our global reach to ensure we are always local to where you need…

Rebound can support your obsolescence strategy

You can contact us using the form below to find out how we can support your obsolescence strategy.  Alternatively email enquiries@reboundeu.com, or call +44(0)1635555999.

Component obsolescence FAQs

Electronic component obsolescence occurs when a specific component is unavailable from the original manufacturer to its original specification. This can pose challenges, especially when electronics are designed to use that specific component.

Rebound Electronics has invested heavily in a global supply network to support clients with new sources and availability without compromising quality. We also focus on lesser-known brands from regions like China and Taiwan, offering cost-effective alternatives to Tier 1 brands, especially when faced with aggressive obsolescence from major manufacturers.

Rebound Electronics provides upfront analysis to offer the best alternatives before obsolescence becomes problematic. We research the cause of obsolescence, understand its impact, and construct reliable solutions. Partnering with a data-driven hybrid distributor like Rebound is key to minimising component obsolescence’s impact.

Rebound Electronics has created a new Asia-focused authorised line card that offers a broad technology mix covering various applications. This line card is designed to offer clients more cost-effective alternatives to major brands, ensuring that they have access to viable replacements for obsolete components.

Quality is paramount at Rebound Electronics. We have meticulous supplier selection processes, rigorous quality control measures, and industry certifications to ensure clients can trust the components they receive from us.