Industry-leading certification

We hold several certificates that endorse our quality management systems

We have particular pride in our achievement of the SC21 Silver Award which is for 21st Century Supply Chain Excellence in the Aerospace and Defence Industry. Held by just 700 companies within all supply chain sectors, it is rare within the electronics distribution market and is proof of our industry-leading quality control.


Products are received into our quality-controlled distribution hubs, where our highly experienced and trained quality inspectors carefully inspect and verify all parts prior to them being dispatched. Parts, packaging, labels, and inbound paperwork are photographed and uploaded to our systems for full traceability.


As part of our commitment to deliver reliable electronic components to our customers, our quality inspectors receive an on-going programme of training. Utilising both external and internal sources to deliver training such as; IPC – Anti Counterfeiting and ESD, IDEA – Counterfeit Mitigation and Inspection. These are industry-leading standards that ensure our team are always up to date with the latest market developments.


The Rebound team can only buy from a list of approved suppliers, the majority of which are traceable. Each supplier has been carefully selected and evaluated by our team of global sourcing specialists and approved by our quality team who continually assess and monitor them to ensure our high standards are maintained.

We are always running ongoing audits/reviews of suppliers, meaning we evolve our supply base on a regular basis. This includes bringing in 200+ new franchise suppliers per year over the last 3 years.

QA & Certification FAQS

Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21) is an improvement programme designed to increase the performance of suppliers and their supply chains within the UK aerospace, security, space, and defence industries.

This is vital when every part you buy is going into something that if fails has the capability to cause a lot of damage.

The quality of parts produced is of extreme importance. Effective and reliable quality control measures must be in place to ensure the quality and reliability of the electronic parts produced.

This added with internationally recognised standards such as the ISO 9001:2015 ensures consistent, high-quality control with every part through Rebound.

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