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True Global market pricing and availability,  Product Change Notifications (PCN), End-Of-Life (EOL) alerts and Last Time Buy notifications (LTB).  We are also able to offer Reverse Engineered like for like alternatives and through our “BOM Scrub” service, immediately improve the visibility of data for our clients organisation and help ensure they meet production and budget targets whilst mitigating supply chain risk factors.


Obsolescence Management

Here at Rebound we have invested heavily in a deep spread of supply worldwide to support our clients with new sources and availability without compromising our quality standards.

Component Sourcing

Our ability to source electronic components globally via our network of 2000+ qualified suppliers, allows us to find what you need when you need it, at a competitive market price, keeping your supply chain moving.

Reverse Logistics

Excess stock ties up your cashflow and warehouse space, as well as de-valuing over time. Rebound can work with you to free up your resources and maximise your ROI.


We now have the ability to offer alternatives to Western brands and have audited and formed partnerships based on the quality of the product, service and price competitiveness.

Data Driven BOM Analytics FAQs

BOM (Bill of Materials) analysis is the process of evaluating and optimising the list of components required for a product’s manufacturing. It’s crucial as it helps manufacturers understand component availability, pricing, potential risks like End-Of-Life (EOL) alerts, and find alternate parts, ensuring smooth production and cost efficiency.

Data-driven BOM analysis provides insights into global market pricing, product availability, and potential supply chain risks. By understanding these factors, manufacturers can make informed decisions about inventory levels, reducing excess stock and ensuring that necessary components are available when needed.

Rebound Electronics offers a comprehensive BOM analysis that includes True Global market pricing, availability, Product Change Notifications (PCN), End-Of-Life (EOL) alerts, Last Time Buy notifications (LTB), and Reverse Engineered alternatives. Our “BOM Scrub” service also enhances data visibility, helping clients meet production and budget targets.

Rebound Electronics has invested in a vast global supply network to support clients with new sources and availability without compromising quality standards. This ensures that Rebound can provide alternatives or new sources to keep the production running even if a component becomes obsolete.

Rebound Electronics can source electronic components globally through a network of over 2000 qualified suppliers. This allows us to find alternate parts when needed, ensuring uninterrupted supply chains and competitive market pricing.

Rebound Electronics provides timely EOL alerts to clients, ensuring they are aware of components nearing their end of life. This allows manufacturers to make informed decisions, whether it’s sourcing alternate parts, making last-time buys, or adjusting production strategies.

Rebound Electronics offers a bespoke, data-driven approach to BOM analysis, ensuring tailored solutions for each client. Our global outreach, extensive supplier network, and commitment to quality set us apart, providing clients with actionable insights and optimised supply chain solutions.

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