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Continuously monitored supply base

We are constantly adding extra resources and reviewing our supply base to ensure that we are always sourcing for you the best available product.

Traceable Source

Each supplier has been carefully selected and evaluated by our team of global sourcing specialists and approved by our quality team.

Trusted Source

Each of our suppliers is carefully vetted, monitored, and managed by our quality control team.

Prior Approval

Products are received into our quality-controlled distribution hubs, where our highly experienced team carefully inspect and verify all parts.


Our bespoke, cloud-based sourcing and CRM software allows us to automate and manage key data.

Through automation we are able to streamline processes ensuring a proactive approach to working and alignment with our clients’ requirements.


Our comprehensive supply chain network contributes to and benefits from Rebound’s shared knowledge philosophy, providing instant access to change in market conditions, be they regional supply pressures, expanding markets, product launches, end of life or production pinch points.


Direct access to distribution channels combined with application automation utilising AI and application workflow managed provides market availability for our local and international sales and purchasing teams to process client orders to shipment from any of our three global shipment locations. All of these have direct access to the same live application data for controlling incoming and outgoing component shipments.


Rebound has engaged with our staff to provide an internally accessible base point that takes full advantage of global market conditions. It covers natural disaster and other threat management that may have an immediate or indeed longer-term impact on access and availability to product source. It proactively drives both client and supply partner to gain ‘advantage point realignment’ in production and supply.

Sourcing Strategy


Employees Worldwide


global purchasing offices




Sq. ft Asia distribution hub and enhanced inspection facility


Customers supported in 2021


Exact number of devices shipped from our distribution hubs in 2021

  • 60 Dedicated purchasing professionals
  • 200 Direct manufacturer relationships
  • 61 Number of countries we supported in 2021
  • 236 Number of Salespeople
  • 35,300 Number of Unique Parts

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Sourcing FAQS

Digital efficiency means you can truly utilise the rich data you have access to. Rebound’s own unique service offerings take on a greater prevalence giving our clients’ real choice when it comes to complex procurement decisions, such as product life cycle support, reverse engineering, asset disposal and more.

Use an experienced supply chain partner

If you partner with an experienced distributor, they can manage all these communications on your behalf, and they will also be proactive in finding any updates, leaving you to focus on the manufacture and distribution of your products.

A reliable distributor will also be able to source the very best component alternatives for you, including hard to find components, meaning you will be in a good position when obsolescence happens.

While you may not be able to prevent component obsolescence, you can prepare for it by being proactive and aligning yourself with an experienced supply chain partner, like Rebound.