How to Avoid Counterfeit Components

Counterfeit components are likely to be on the rise as there is worldwide demand for components that cannot be filled straight away. An existing issue of component shortages has been compounded by the COVID-19 outbreak, meaning that supply chains are under considerable strain. It is at times like this that opportunists will try to sell more counterfeits.

This blog looks at the procedures you should have in place to stop counterfeit components from entering your supply chain and being used in the manufacturing of your electronics.

Why are counterfeit components problematic?

Counterfeit components are more common than you might think, and this can cause major issues for electronics manufacturers. They are lower quality imitations passed off as legitimate, higher-quality pieces. Not only could you end up paying more for them than they are actually worth, but there is also potential that they could malfunction and be potentially dangerous to users of the products.

Even if they are not dangerous in the obvious sense, such as starting a fire or causing a shock, there is still potential that they won’t work properly. At best, this is incredibly inconvenient for users of the equipment. At worst, for something like medical equipment, it may not provide the correct results, which could mean an incorrect diagnosis or missed information.

How to avoid counterfeit components

Buy from approved, traceable suppliers

The best way to avoid counterfeit components is to buy from a trustworthy supplier. Of course, there is still a slim chance that counterfeits somehow make their way into the supply chain, but this is greatly reduced when you’re buying from a supplier who ensures the very best standards. This is especially true when you can trace the component to its source.

The Rebound Electronics team can only buy from a list of approved suppliers, the majority of which are traceable. Each supplier has been carefully selected, evaluated and approved by our quality team who continually assess and monitor them to ensure our high standards are maintained.

Ensure careful inspection

It is essential that you have a highly-trained quality control team who are able to inspect all orders and ensure that the components are genuine. Experienced quality inspectors will be able to verify that the parts are not counterfeits. If you use a component distributor, they will receive, inspect, and verify all parts before sending them on to you.

Check for relevant certifications

When it comes to avoiding counterfeit components, you should also look for the relevant certifications and quality assurance documents when you are using a particular supplier.

Use an independent component distributor

A high-quality component distributor will have comprehensive internal processes in place to provide genuine products and prevent counterfeit components from being used in electronics manufacturing.

We hope this blog on avoiding counterfeit components has been useful. With component shortages and the COVID-19 outbreak, it is more important than ever to be wary of counterfeits!

If you have any questions at all, you are welcome to view our services or you can get in touch with us.

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