Female Professionals In Supply Chain Management: An Interview

Manyata Lal, Operations General Manager for Asia, based in Singapore discusses her diverse portfolio whilst working at Rebound and her advice for young women looking to pursue a career in supply chain management.

Tell us a bit about yourself & your time at Rebound 

I am originally from India, but Singapore has been home to my husband & I for the last decade. I enjoy travelling & exploring this vibrant region with my husband.

I joined Rebound in 2015 as an Office manager for the Singapore office & currently I am the Operations General Manager for Asia. Over the last 8 years, my role & Asia operations have evolved & scaled tremendously. Every day brings new challenges that require quick thinking and adaptability. It has been an exciting journey so far with lots of learning opportunities.

Can you share a unique or interesting fact about yourself?

I absolutely enjoy playing board games & ensure they are a big constant part of my life. My forte is conflict-heavy, intuitive, strategic Euro games like Dominant species and Gaia Project. My humble claim to fame – an unbeaten track record for the game ‘Kanban’!

What has been your biggest achievement whilst working at Rebound? 

My portfolio has been extremely diverse from the time I joined back in 2015. The constantly evolving role gave me the opportunity to get close to various aspects of the business & sales lifecycle. This helps me connect the dots and use the learning to identify gaps & improvement areas. This led to the project of creating performance measures which is now used to track and improve performance across all teams.

Are there any challenges that you have faced being a woman working in the electronics industry? If so, how have you overcome them? 

My 8 years of Electronics Industry experience has been exclusively with Rebound. My observation & personal experience with Rebound has been growth & development oriented. Opportunities within Rebound have been merit based & not gender, race or background driven. Despite a high pressure & changing landscape environment, it’s an engaging environment.

However, women continue to face multiple challenges regarding pay parity, promotions, visibility, leadership positions in almost all industries, especially male dominated industries. The key is to reasonably challenge biases with data, support, guide & mentor each other.

What advice would you give to young women looking to pursue a career in this industry?

Supply chain management is continuously evolving with new technologies and practices. Stay updated on industry trends, continue learning it will keep you competitive and adaptable in this fast-paced field. Networking is crucial as in any other industry. Building a supportive network can provide valuable insights and guidance. Most importantly be confident in your abilities and ideas don’t hesitate to speak up and share your insights.

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