Nuvonix by Rebound Distributes Viking Tech Corporation

Nuvonix by Rebound distributes Viking Tech Corporation, a leading Manufacturer of Resistors, Inductors and Capacitors

Nuvonix by Rebound, a franchised distribution division within the Rebound Group is glad to announce we are now an authorised worldwide distributor of Viking Tech Corporation. Viking Tech, brings to Nuvonix by Rebound and our valued customers added capabilities to promote, recommend and develop new areas in design of specialty resistors, inductors as well as capacitors.

About Viking Tech

Viking Tech Corporation is a Global Passive Manufacturer in design Thin Film, MELF, Functional Thick Film, Automotive Resistor, Metal strip current sensing , RF Inductor and power Inductor, Capacitor, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic components. The manufacturing Facilities located in Taiwan with certified high-quality system of automotive IATF16949, Medical ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001. Viking’s advanced technology of Precision Thin Film, MELF, Metal Strip, Thick Film, high reliability product used in wide range of diverse applications, which can be found in Automotive, Industrial, Medical devices, Telecom, Commercial, IoT Home appliance, Battery management…etc.

About Nuvonix By Rebound

Nuvonix by Rebound drives to disrupt the electronic components industry by providing an alternative to the traditional supply chain model. Offering Design-led solutions with dedicated electronics and engineering support from globally emerging brands to fit your PCB semiconductor supply chain needs.

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