Rebound Electronics Announce Launch of Additional New Franchise Lines for customers

What’s New?

Launching in Q4 2020, Rebound Electronics, a Global Hybrid Distributor of Electronic Components are adding to their franchise portfolio after reaching formal franchise agreements with several specific Asian lesser-known component manufacturers.

These franchises focus on the following technologies;

Semiconductor: Analog, Discrete, Opto.

Passive: Capacitors, Crystals, Oscillators, Inductors, Resistors, Circuit Protection

Interconnect: Connector, Terminal Block


Put simply, this new initiative fits perfectly with Rebound’s overarching strategy. Develop product portfolios & services to complement their customer needs.

The Benefits for Customers are:

  • A quality alternative to established/western brands
  • Availability during times of shortage and/or increased lead times
  • Reduced lead time = increased service/better capital utilisation
  • PPV opportunity when brands increase prices, or via competition
  • Life cycle management alternative, particularly EOL
  • Solution for potential geopolitical trade issues


Rebound Electronics have researched many hundreds of component manufacturers in Connector, Electromechanical, Passive and Semiconductor technologies. Brands that matched well to established/western Brands were then audited, and partnerships were made with those that offer;

  1. Quality of Product
  2. Quality of Service
  3. Price Competitiveness

Commenting on the new service Grant Fairbairn – MD Asia said:

“We’ve listened carefully to our customers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, both OEM & EMS, large & small. We identified a significant need for real alternatives to established brands, which will apply through all stages of both the market cycle & the customer’s product life cycle.  They face challenges with both Availability & Price throughout. This launch is very well-timed as we are hearing from our customers that they are seeing increasing difficulties sourcing some of the established brands across Semiconductor, Passives & Electromechanical product ranges. Our view is this situation will not only continue into 2021 but will also expand across more tier 1 brands over the coming months.”

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